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September 7, 2018
Fall is upon us and a change of season feels like a great time to make some exciting changes within the studio. Late Spring we sent out a survey to members of the studio asking for your opinion on our classes, wellness services, what you like, what you don’t like etc. We received fantastic feedback and truly appreciate everyone taking the time to do so. We are looking forward to making changes and improvements over the next few months based on your suggestions, because your opinion matters to us and we took it to heart. We are currently focused on some changes to our Mat and Reformer classes that we know you’re going to love.
Some of you may have noticed a change with the names of classes on our schedule. We wanted to dedicate this post to clarifying the change and what it means for all of you.  The changes to these classes happened seamlessly at the beginning of the summer. The only change now is that we have given them a name!
We have two types of classes on the schedule: FLUID and PRECISION.  In the FLUID classes, both Matwork and Reformer, you will progress through exercises as an open level class. Each class is adaptable to the goals and needs of its participants. Our intention in the FLUID classes is to be adaptable, changeable and to flow with movement. Our PRECISION classes are offered at a higher level, have quick transition times between movements and vary pace for an added challenge. Our focus in the PRECISION classes are “trueness”, accuracy, and to move with intention. We ask that our Members be approved by an Instructor to participate in our PRECISION classes.  
We have also transitioned the studio to allow more flexibility for new members. NOW to make it easier for new members to join our studio, and still enjoy the safe instruction our studio is known for, we are now offering Intro Mat and Intro Reformer Workshops.  In the past, new members would be required to complete either a series of private sessions or an 8 week intro Mat course before even trying the reformer due to the progressive nature of our classes.   Now ALL of our Intro classes INCLUDING REFORMER are workshop based, drop-in format and open to any participants wanting us to help them get started on their wellness journey! Please check out our SCHEDULE and let all your friends know it’s easier than ever to partake in classes at Spine Stretch!
New Members are asked to participate in a single Introductory Matwork class. Unless, of course, you have a specific goal or have additional medical needs that require personalized attention; we would recommend a private Pilates assessment and sessions. After such time, new members can participate in any FLUID Matwork classes. In order to join into the FLUID Reformer class you will need to first attend a single Introductory Matwork Class. Once completed you can move onto a single Introductory Reformer class. You are also more than welcome to participate in our Intro Workshops more than once! It’s also great as a refresher if you’ve been away from Pilates for a while before jumping back in.  
You WILL get a great workout in these workshops! They are created to give you the most bang for your buck so you can feel comfortable joining into our existing classes.  You will also gain an understanding of possible modifications you may personally need. After completing these two workshops you are open to join ANY FLUID class in the studio. Our other amazing classes like ELDOA, Stability Barre and Yoga Tune Up®  are all available without any prerequisites.  
You now have several class package options depending on your preference. This is new and was introduced to our studio over the summer and our clients are loving it! You can purchase a Class Pack of drop-in classes and participate in any FLUID Mat or Reformer Classes on the schedule allowing you to move days and time freely, or if you enroll into a specific class (same day/time each week) you can purchase a discounted package. We also offer additional discounts if you enroll into more than one class per week.  These packages of classes are what most of you are used to. We understand that scheduling the same class on the same day and time for some of you is ideal while for others is very difficult.  We also understand that for some arranging make ups are difficult and sometimes frustrating, which is why we have created a Class Pack of drop-ins. Please remember that all classes require advanced registration. The drop-in Class Pack simply allows you the flexibility to join different classes that are best suited to your schedule.  
In addition, to our discounted packages, don’t forget that we also have a Loyalty Program, Perkville, that can be used towards free classes and credit in our studio! Every visit earns points towards great rewards!
We will be offering our Introductory Workshops weekly. Check out our schedule online or on the MINDBODY APP! Speaking of our online schedule, these changes have now made it very easy for you to book your classes or makeups online! Did you know that you can access your profile online, make purchases, book yourself makeups and early cancel yourself from class when needed? Yes you can! Log in through our STORE button on our website or access your profile through the MINDBODY APP.
Lastly, there were a lot of requests for early morning classes so we’ve added them to the schedule!  We love that you want to begin your day at Spine Stretch!  Head over to our schedule and sign up!  We’re ready to move you.
Your feedback allowed these changes to happen. Please let us know your thoughts! Get online or on the APP to sign up for classes and let us know how easy it was!

Author: Lisa Bender

Lisa Bender, studio director, is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist and STOTT® Certified Pilates Instructor. Lisa believes that optimal health begins with intelligent exercise and unifying body and physiological function.
Lisa Bender Lisa Bender
September 7, 2018 September 7, 2018

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