How To Get More Water AND ABSORB IT: Top Tips from the Team

November 13, 2018

Drink water...yes we know drinking water is important.  Proper hydration has far reaching effects on our mental state, total body wellness and our ability to slow the aging process inside and out.  Proper hydration is one of the most important nutritional components affecting our entire health.  But the recommended 2+ litres of water daily can seem daunting and let's face it... are we really doing anything but peeing it right back out?  

We asked our Spine Stretch experts to weigh in...How can we ensure we are getting our daily water intake? (aside from the usual "I don't go ...

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Spine Stretch Team Contributer Spine Stretch Team Contributer
November 13, 2018 November 13, 2018

The One Thing That Will Make Your Whole Life Better

October 23, 2018

Your day:  You wake up, quickly get in the shower, get your kids up and ready (if you have them), boot it downstairs whip up a smoothie, grab your coffee (don't forget that coffee!) and rush out the door.   Lunch time comes on quickly, so you grab the healthiest thing you can (likely a salad, you're all about healthy choices...well done!) and continue on with your day. Before you know it you are sitting down that evening and enjoying your much deserved glass of wine and taking your first deep breath.  

Sound familiar?

This day ...

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Krystle Colting Krystle Colting
October 23, 2018 October 23, 2018
Some of us think holding on makes us strong;but sometimes it is letting go

What Having a Baby Taught Me About My Core That Pilates Teacher Training Never Did

March 22, 2016

I felt very prepared heading into labour.  Having been a Pilates instructor for over 16 years, I was confident this would serve me well and result in a smooth, complication free delivery. My super strong core would take control and I would push out a baby in no time, why wouldn’t it?  And I was excited to attempt a natural delivery so I could feel what was happening muscle-wise in my body to learn from it. I was thinking of birth as my own private muscular science experiment.

My contractions were strong and fast, right from the onset ...

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Eden Haugland Eden Haugland
March 22, 2016 March 22, 2016

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