Our Team of Therapists now includes Chiropractic Care

May 7, 2019
With the winter finally behind us and Spring in full swing, we wanted to take this opportunity to welcome two new team members to the Spine Stretch Family.

Diana Cho is a Chiropractor, Registered Massage Therapist as well as a Personal Trainer.  She believes the most effective approach to addressing aches and pains of the physical body is to address both the soft tissues as well as bones and joints together. This achieves optimal results for physical functioning.  Diana’s chiropractic care treatments utilize typical physio modalities (e.g. ultrasound, etc.) plus various soft tissue massage techniques (e.g. Active Release Technique, Instrument assisted soft tissue massage via Rockblade).  Diana also incorporates assisted stretching techniques (PNF) to target rigid fascia, tight tendons and chronically shortened muscles due to overuse or faulty postures.  Gentle, non-cracking mobilizations are Diana’s main approach to increasing mobility and function in stiff and restricted joints.  Diana’s formal training in Massage Therapy allow her to also deliver deep tissue and light relaxation therapy, pre/post-natal and infant massage as well as the cupping technique.    
Ramona Bernardi is a Registered Massage Therapist with a loving magnetic energy.  She specializes in pain management, recovery from sport and other soft tissue injuries. Her treatments will aid in relief of muscular tension and other stress related conditions and the overall physical and emotional well being of her clients.  Ramona can treat a number of conditions including anxiety, tension headaches, muscular tightness, sleeplessness, soft tissue strains and pain. 

Most of us suffer from at least one of the issues described above and if you don’t, consider yourself lucky!  If, however, you have a concern you wish to address in a non-invasive way, ask us about the different therapies we offer and what treatment plan would be best for you.

At Spine Stretch Studio, we want our clients to benefit from both our Intelligent Exercise programs such as Pilates, ELDOA and Yoga Tune-Up, as well as the various Wellness therapies we offer in order to achieve optimal health & function.  This holistic and integrative approach to treating various ailments and injuries is what makes Spine Stretch Studio a truly unique place.

Welcome Diana and Ramona!

Author: Lisa Bender

Lisa Bender, studio director, is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist and STOTT® Certified Pilates Instructor. Lisa believes that optimal health begins with intelligent exercise and unifying body and physiological function.
Lisa Bender Lisa Bender
May 7, 2019 May 7, 2019

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