Our Story

You’re in good hands.

Our movement specialist team includes a number of passionate, caring professionals, many of whom have been with us since Spine Stretch Studio opened its doors in 2002.

Today, we work together, as a unified team, to help our members feel amazing. We use a holistic approach because there is no such thing as an isolated health problem.

Our qualified team now offers:

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching
Registered Massage Therapy
Infrared Sauna Therapy

We all believe that wellness is a journey. We welcome you to join us.

Movement is the essence of life.

Our bodies were designed to move.

And we will move you.

About Our Founder,
Lisa Bender

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (D.O.M.P.)
Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)
CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach

She founded Spine Stretch Studio in 2002, focusing on the core services of Massage Therapy and STOTT PILATES®. Members soon started spreading word of the benefits they were enjoying at Lisa’s hands with these two disciplines, and the practice quickly grew.


We believe movement is life.

As healthcare professionals, we believe it is both our responsibility and our privilege to help our members move towards feeling their very best.

What Moves Us

Spine Stretch Studio brings its premiere Pilates instruction and passion for
whole body wellness to proactive individuals seeking optimal health, to heal and inspire them to live life with vitality.


Every muscle, bone, organ, and individual cell expresses motion within the body. Connective tissue flows and surrounds every structure connecting them together. Movement from one structure affects another. Movement is critical for whole body wellness, functional strength, and life itself. Movement is life. That is why we value movement above all else.


Wellness is a journey. And like all of life’s greatest journeys, wellness can’t exist without growth. That’s why we encourage all our clients and valued staff members to embrace growth through learning and setting and achieving goals.

Whole Body Wellness

A person is organically comprised of body, mind, and spirit. Each of our body’s systems depends on the proper functioning of the others, for optimal health. Our practice is based on holism because there is no such thing as an isolated health problem.


If you want to create any type of change in your life, you need commitment. Each of our team members value commitment, and we are 100% committed to helping our clients build healthier minds and bodies. We ask for your commitment in return.

Live Life

Life is beautiful and precious and fleeting. We believe that life should be lived and experienced to the fullest, every single day. Life is for living. We help all our clients reach a higher quality of life—one that is free of dis-ease and filled with vitality.


We want our clients to nourish their minds and bodies. Our fully accessible, all-in-one wellness centre provides clients with the tools and support needed to overcome health obstacles and grow into healthy, nourished, strong, units of wellness.

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